What do you get the car lover in your life for the holidays? With the 2021 holiday gift guide from European Collision Repair, gift buying may be easier than you thought. Check out these great gift ideas sure to get their engine revved.

Car Polisher. Help your car enthusiast keep their ride looking smooth as glass with a car polisher.

Sunglasses. More than just looking great, a pair of well-crafted sunglasses keeps your driver safe from glare and help them see well in every light.

Classic Steering. A gorgeous wood steering wheel will be loved by vintage and new car lovers alike. Install it on a vintage car to take it to the next level. Or hang it on the wall in their office or garage as decorative art.

Cuff Links. When your gearhead wants to get fancy, let his personality shine with these car-gauge themed cufflinks.

Driving Experience. Maybe you can’t buy them a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but you can give them the experience of driving a dream car or racing around a track in a Sprint Cup racecar. (You may also find deals on Groupon.)

Key Finder. Going for a drive loses its luster and turns into frustration when they can’t find their keys. A Bluetooth-enabled keychain allows their smartphone to help locate lost keys quickly.

Smart Dash Cam. Protect and prepare with a dash cam, including smart technology and real-time alerts from fellow motorists.

Driving Gloves. No matter what your car lover drives, every outing feels special with leather driving gloves.

T-shirt. You could go with their favorite brand, new or vintage, or go more general with this “Car Guy” shirt. Either way, they’ll love it.

Clutch / Gas Socks. Even when they’re just feeling cozy around the house, these fun socks are sure to spark a smile at the thought of their favorite hobby.

Radar Detector. You certainly don’t encourage or condone speeding…but you also don’t want your car lover getting a ticket.

Coffee Table. This is no ordinary coffee table. Tempered glass on an engine block is sure to be the focal point of any room.

Coasters. Silicone coasters shaped like car mats are the perfect finishing touch.

Travel mug. If a smudge of dirt on the outside of the car is enough to give your car lover palpitations, coffee spilled inside could cause a heart attack! Save the wear and tear on their interior car and heart with a leak- and spill-proof mug.

Give the Ultimate Gift

Don’t see the right gift on the above list? Contact European Collision Repair to repair dents, scratches, the paint job or other imperfections. Bring their luxury vehicle back to pristine condition to show your appreciation and affection this holiday. Call to schedule an appointment or use our online or phone feature to start your free estimate now.