Whether you selected an Audi R8 Spyder for it’s sleek lines and fast speeds, a climate-friendly e-tron Sportback or a family Q7 luxury SUV, you chose the Audi brand with deliberation and pride. At European Collision Repair, we understand your luxury vehicle matters. Here are our top five tips to keep your Audi in top, like-new condition.

Tip 1: Garage It

It may seem rather obvious, but one of the best ways to keep your Audi in great shape is to keep it in a garage whenever possible. Exposing it to the elements can lead to fading in prolonged sun or risk damage from hail, wind blown debris and even errant neighbors, children or dogs.

If you can garage it while you’re out and about, whether shopping, working or date night, so much the better.

Tip 2: Cover It

If garaging is not an option, using a car cover at home and work can still provide substantial protection and buffering from the elements. After all, the minute it takes to cover or uncover your Audi could save you thousands in repairs and repaint down the line.

Tip 3: Keep Your Audi Clean

You drive your car with pride, and a clean vehicle is a sign of that. Use high quality car cleaner and wax to detail and protect your car. This is particularly true anytime a bird makes a “deposit” on your Audi. The chemical compounds can damage your paint if left a long time and allowed to bake under a hot sun. Once finally removed, it could leave a damaged, dull spot in the paint.

Regular washing and waxing not only protects the body of the vehicle, it also keeps you in tune with your vehicle. A small spot of rust or other body damage can become a much bigger issue if left unchecked. Regular external examining of the vehicle while you clean it makes you much more vigilant and proactive, keeping minor problems minor.

Tip 4: Maintain Good Tires and Alignment

It’s important to ensure you have sufficient tread depth and the type of tires needed for the season. Having adequate treads and quality tires means better contact with the road, especially in adverse weather conditions. Proper alignment also provides better handling. With good handling and good tires, you reduce your risk of an accident and the body damage that comes with it.

Tip 5: Keep the Wheels Free of Brake Dust

Brake dust will not affect the function of your car. But if left unchecked, the carbon, iron, grime and dirt could stain your wheels. Clean with the wheels with a damp sponge and clean, cold water to prevent staining and keep those wheels looking sharp and new!

Not only will following these few simple steps keep your Audi your pride and joy, it will also boost trade-in or resale value. And if you do discover issues on the body of your Audi, European Collision Repair will proudly work to restore your vehicle to its former glory. Call to schedule an appointment or use our online or phone feature to start your free estimate now.