The very name, Lexus, instantly evokes luxury, quality, and reliability. When you bought your Lexus, whether new or pre-owned, a great deal of research and pride went into the purchase. A Lexus is more than just a means to move you from one place to another. Rather, it is a place where comfort, convenience, performance, and distinction all converge.

European Collision Repair, a certified Lexus repair center, recommends five easy ways to keep your Lexus at its peak condition, inside and out.

1: Maintain your Lexus

Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will help keep your Lexus operating safely and efficiently. In addition to maximizing vehicle performance, regular maintenance can also help prevent body damage. A regular check-up includes rotating or replacing the tires, inspecting the brakes, changing and checking fluids, such as oil, and more. As you can imagine, bald tires, bad breaks, or insufficient fluid levels can lead to a stalled vehicle, an accident, or the inability to control the car safely.

2: Self-Check in Between

You do the recommended maintenance of 5,000 miles or six months. And that’s great. But a lot can happen in six months. It’s prudent to keep an eye on your Lexus in between appointments so everything stays in top condition. A few easy yet important things to self-check in between include:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Power Steering fluid
  • Oil
  • Tire tread (cracks? uneven wear? shallow tread?)
  • Tire pressure

3: Hear What Your Lexus is Telling You

You bought a Lexus and are likely a very responsible auto owner. But just a reminder to the teenager in all of us… listen to your car! If a light comes on the dashboard, don’t ignore it or cover it with tape so you don’t have to look at it. If you hear a weird or unusual sound, have it checked out by a trusted mechanic certified in Lexus repairs.

Little sounds may mean little fixes if attended to promptly. Otherwise, little sounds can turn into big sounds, big lights, and big bills! Take care of your Lexus, and it will take care of you.

4: Drive Nice

Driving nicely and with care does not have to mean boring driving, having no fun, or not enjoying all that your Lexus can do (within posted speed limits, of course). And while you may need to occasionally apply the brakes quickly or accelerate to avoid a collision or join the flow of traffic, harsh handling of the gas and brakes should not be the norm. Not only will you protect your vehicle, but you’ll also save a lot of money on fuel consumption and may even earn discounts on your car insurance.

Come to a complete stop when switching your car into or out of reverse. This will save wear and tear on the transmission. (And no one wants to blow or replace a transmission if they can avoid it!)

5: Keep it Clean Inside and Out

Regularly cleaning the outside of your car ensures grime, bird droppings, or other filth do not damage your paint job. Regular washing and waxing not only protects the body of the vehicle, it also keeps you in tune with your vehicle. A small spot of rust or other body damage can become a much bigger issue if left unchecked. Care for the interior, as well, by protecting the dash from dust and sun damage with a high-quality protectant.

Keeping the inside tidy isn’t that hard, but can make a big impact on not only your enjoyment of the vehicle but also its resale value. Regularly throwing away trash and vacuuming the inevitable dirt that is tracked in is highly recommended. 

Also, be mindful of what you (or your children) eat or drink in your vehicle. If something spills, clean it up sooner rather than later. A sticky or stinky Lexus is no one’s idea of a nice ride. 

Following these simple ideas will contribute to your enjoyment of your Lexus, as well as keeping you safe and protected. If you find yourself in need of bodywork repairs to your Lexus, European Collision Repair will proudly work to restore your vehicle to its former glory. Call to schedule an appointment or use our online or phone feature to start your free estimate now.