Resolutions shouldn’t be about what you’ve done wrong, but rather evaluating and making small changes to things that could be a little better. Realistic, achievable resolutions are far more often accomplished than grandiose, unspecific goals. As you ponder your resolutions, don’t forget your car! Making one or all of these 6 resolutions can help keep you safe and your luxury vehicle in stellar condition. 

1: Reduce Distractions

We all know distracted driving is not a good thing… but most of us do it anyway. Whether it’s looking under the passenger seat for the dropped wallet, turning around to address a child, or using a cell phone while driving, being distracted can mean the difference in stopping in time to avoid an accident or not. Deer are unpredictable, especially right now. And let’s be honest, people are always unpredictable. So keep your eyes on the road and give yourself and your family the benefit of paying attention to the task at hand… arriving safely.

2: Keep it Clean

If you get your car washed, your neighbors will inevitably blame you for the rain, snow, or ice that falls within a day or two. But keeping the body and undercarriage of your car cleaned year-round is important to remove salt, sand, and general muck that can build up.

While you’re at it, why wait for spring to give the interior a once-over? Resolving to keep the vehicle clean inside and out not only helps resale value and reduces stickiness or odors, it just makes driving more enjoyable!

3: Know the Basics for Roadside Emergencies

If you aren’t sure how to jumpstart a car, keeping jumper cables in your vehicle may not be enough. You’re betting on another driver to know how to do it. And if your tire goes flat, do you really want the expense of a tow or the long wait for an auto club? Make the resolution to learn a few basic ways to rescue yourself. Learn how to jumpstart a car and change a flat. Be your own hero… or someone else’s!

4: Maintain the Vehicle

Maybe your commute has shortened from 30 miles to 30 feet during this pandemic. But the oil in your car should still be checked and changed regularly for a healthy engine. Purpose to practice basic maintenance and keep fluid levels at the ready.

5: Keep the Fuel Level Up

It’s especially important in winter to make sure you don’t let that dreaded red “E” flash on your dashboard! Having an empty tank can actually cause wear and tear on the fuel pump, leading it to overheat and ultimately fail. Additionally, low fuel levels in the winter could mean your vehicle gets stuck, for whatever reason, and you don’t have enough fuel to stay warm while waiting for help.

6: Drive Nice

Maybe you already know this… and maybe you don’t. Going more than 65 MPH significantly reduces fuel efficiency, causing you to spend more money throughout the year as well as impacting the planet. Additionally, driving fast then braking hard wastes fuel and puts a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on tires and brakes.

Conscientious driving will also make you safer, less likely to receive traffic tickets, and less prone to accidents – both causing them and avoiding them.

Visit Your Friends at European Collision Repair

Trying to enact some or all of these car resolutions can keep you and your vehicle safe and protected for years to come. And when your luxury vehicle needs bodywork, look no further than European Collision Repair. We are certified and trained to repair and restore your vehicle. Call to schedule an appointment or use our online or phone feature to start your free estimate now.