Your parents, your zany uncle and random strangers on the street are always more than happy to give you advice on what you need to do to maintain your car. Even companies and industries tied to automotive maintenance would have you believing myths. Some are just straight-up false. Others are outdated. But with new technology incorporated into today’s autos and luxury vehicles, maybe these myths no longer apply. European Collision Repair busts seven common vehicle maintenance myths.

Myth #1: Premium Fuel is Better

If regular is good, premium is better, right? Eh, not necessarily. Unless you have an engine that requires premium fuel, you’re probably just wasting money. Most modern engines run perfectly fine on regular 87 octane gasoline. Double check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. If it doesn’t say premium, save the money.

Myth #2: Warm Up the Engine Before You Drive

Once upon a time, engines needed to be warmed up before driving, especially in colder conditions. Newer vehicles, however, actually warm up better by driving instead of sitting idle. So turn it on and go. But drive nice for the first few miles and don’t rev the engine.

Myth #3: Fill Up in the Morning to Save Money

This is tied to warmer afternoon temps versus cooler mornings. With warmer temps, the gas is expanded, so you’re getting less than if you fill up in the morning, according to the myth. Unfortunately for the teller of this tale, gas is stored underground, where the temperature is pretty constant. There really isn’t a difference in quantity of fuel or a financial benefit to which time of day you fuel up your luxury vehicle.

Myth #4: Change the Oil Every 3,000 Miles

This one falls somewhere between outdated and misinformation from companies that benefit. Today’s engines can run 5,000, 7,500 or even more miles between oil changes. Don’t get hoodwinked out of more time and money than needed by changing it too frequently. Check your oil level monthly, then refer to your manufacturer’s recommendation for frequency of changing.

Myth #5: Flush the Transmission Fluid Every 50k Miles

Modern vehicles usually run on “long-life” transmission fluid that can last 100,000 miles or sometimes even for the life of the automobile! Flushing the transmission fluid could be simply flushing money away. Refer to your owner’s manual for their transmission fluid guidelines.

Myth #6: Inflate the Tires According to the PSI on the Tire

The number on the sidewall of the tire is actually the maximum pounds per square inch to which you should inflate your tires, not the recommended. Instead, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for PSI, which can be found on a sticker on the driver’s door jamb or inside the fuel door. This is the sweet spot the automaker has determined for a comfortable ride, fuel efficiency and optimal handling.

Myth #7: Dish Soap is Great for Washing your Car

Dish soap is great for washing dishes, but not so much for your luxury vehicle. Dish soap is made to strip grease, grime, dirt and more… but that “more” could be the clear coat and wax that keeps your vehicle shiny and beautiful while protecting the paint job. Save the dish (or laundry) detergent for their given tasks and buy a quality car washing detergent. It’ll clean the salt, grit and dirt while keeping the paint job and topcoats protected.

No Myth Here…European Collision Repair is Bona Fide 

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