Avoiding snow and ice go hand in hand with safe winter driving but there’s another hazard to winter driving that’s often overlooked. 


Road salt.


Meant to protect us, and reduce snow and ice, road salt poses a serious threat to our car’s health. Whether it’s your undercarriage, paint, wheels, or interior, road salt has a nasty way of affecting your car and causing damage.


Let’s take a look at some ways to avoid the damage and keep your car safe from corrosion. 

Wax Your Car Often

One of the best ways to protect against road salt damage is to prevent as much of it as possible. Waxing your car builds a layer of protection against road salt and other potential damage. It’s a reliable way to keep your paint looking great and help reduce corrosive damage. 

Seal Your Undercarriage

The underside of your car might be the single biggest collector of road salt and you could see the most damage here. Sealing this part of your vehicle will prevent salt from collecting in vital components that keep your car running well. It’s tough to do right at home, so don’t be afraid to take your car to a professional to ensure the seal is done right. 

Wash Your Car More

Despite waxing both your paint and undercarriage, you’ll want to wash your car more often. Debris and road salt settling on your paint might still cause damage to the exterior of your car. Washing on a regular basis is the only way to ensure your paint is clear of salt and debris. 

Don’t Forget Your Interior

We’ve talked a lot about the outside of your car, but what about the inside? Road salt can cause the same type of damage to the interior of your car despite all the carpet and fabric in it. Be sure to clean your interior as much as you clean the exterior to keep your carpet and trim clean of salt. The salt has a tendency to slowly ruin carpet and you might find stains or your carpet getting ruined throughout the winter. 


Use a mixture of water and white vinegar to work on the stains and you might be able to renew your carpets. Or consider replacing your carpet mats with rubber mats to prevent the damage altogether. 

Clean Your Wheels Even More Often

Your car wheels aren’t painted like your car and the additional exposure leads to additional damage. Clean your wheels more often to prevent road salt build-up that could lead to replacement wheels or long-term damage. 


With these tips, you’ll keep the road salt damage at bay and keep your car in tip-top shape throughout the winter. Remember to stop by a car wash professional if you have any doubts about your at-home process and keep up your car cleaning as much as possible. Consistency and prevention go a long way in protecting your car.