The Top 7 BMW Collision Repair Issues

Nobody plans on collisions. (That’s why we call them “accidents!”) But when a collision does happen, it’s important to treat your car with the care it deserves by visiting an authorized BMW collision repair specialist. We’re proud to have the state-of-the-art technology and qualifications to repair every make and model of BMW.


Learn more about some of the most common BMW collision repair issues we see in the business…


#1 Automatic Headlights Malfunctioning

Today’s BMW’s feature automatic headlights that intelligently turn off and on. In some cases, automatic headlights turn on and stay on, draining the battery and causing other electronic issues in the car. If you have a problem with your BMW’s automatic headlights, bring your vehicle into a European Collision Repair location near you. Headlight malfunction can commonly result due to electrical issues being improperly addressed following a collision repair.


#2 BMW Fuel Pump Issues

Car engines have two fuel pumps. A low-pressure pump pulls gas out of the tank. A high-pressure pump blasts fuel into the combustion chamber. When the high-pressure pump begins to fail, you may notice poor acceleration or engine stuttering when driving fast. If the problem has gone far, then the engine may not be able to get enough gasoline to turn over. This and other engine issues may result following a collision.


#3 BMW Rear Ended

Getting rear ended is the worst! It’s important to note, however, that your BMW repair costs and needs can vary widely here. In some cases, a simple bumper replacement or taillight repair may be all that’s needed. In other cases, the car’s frame could be compromised (a significant structural issue). Bring your vehicle in to a certified BMW collision repair specialist for a full evaluation and proper repair.


#4 BMW Windows Not Working After Accident

A stuck window can be so irritating! These electric systems sometimes fail following a collision. Fortunately, the repair process can be handled quickly at any European Collision Repair location near you. A full electrical system evaluation will be performed on any vehicle that has sustained damage that may jeopardize the electrical system.


#5 Oil Filter Gasket Leaking After Collision

If you notice oil spots on your garage floor, your BMW could have a leaky oil filter gasket. This problem is more than just a slight messy nuisance. A leak means oil isn’t being delivered efficiently to all of the engine’s systems. As a result, your vehicle may experience increased wear and tear, which could result in additional damages and repair costs. Fix a BMW’s leaky oil filter gasket ASAP to mitigate potential damages! When this issue suddenly occurs after a collision, it’s especially critical to give it prompt attention.


#6 Shaky Brakes After Accident

Shaky braking or vibrations in the steering wheel or entire car can be common after a collision. In extreme cases, you may even notice the steering wheel moving itself clockwise and counter-clockwise as you brake. Your technician at European Collision Repair can perform a thorough inspection and repair job to address this common BMW collision issue.


#7 BMW Sideswipe Repair

Though always frustrating, sometimes being sideswiped will only require some paint touchup and dent repair. In a worst-case scenario, full door replacement may be necessary. If you’ve been sideswiped, bring your BMW in for the proper evaluation and repair. Many jobs can be handled quickly and without full door replacement!

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