Life is certainly not the same as it was at this time last year. While many people have reduced their exposure on the road through sheltering in place, working from home and practicing social distancing, we recognize that road accidents still happen. Wrecks still take place. And at European Collision Repair, we’re committed to providing you an accurate estimate and quality body work to get you and your vehicle on the road while still maintaining social distancing to protect you and our employees.

Step 1: Input Your Vehicle’s Info

Accidents are never fun. But it always seems like adding insult to injury when it’s a hassle to get an estimate or, worse, your bill ends up significantly more than what you were quoted! European Collision Repair is proud to offer accurate quotes using technology that minimizes contact. Using your phone or computer, you can get a remote estimate. To get started, enter the

  • Body style
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
Step 2: Take Some Photos

The Estimator will have you indicate on a graphic what parts of your vehicle have been damaged in the accident. Next, you can take photos of the damaged area(s). Take photos from several angles for the most accurate collision estimate. Using straight on, side angles, and varying distances gives our estimators more information on which to base the estimate. This allows the estimators to see dents, dings, scratches or if other parts of the vehicle are also damaged.

You will also be asked to take a photo of your VIN. This allows us to ensure we have the right information (sub-model) and background data for your vehicle. And, don’t worry, your information is always kept confidential.

After you’ve taken all the photos, you can review them to make sure they are all clear and you have photographed everything that’s needed. You can also add notes on the review page, including details about the accident or notes regarding broken parts.

Step 3: Provide Contact Info

At this point, we know all about your vehicle. Now we need to know about you, including how to best reach you with an accurate estimate. Providing your personal information is safe and secure. Once you submit your request, our estimators will review your photos and data and reply with an accurate estimate, all from the comfort and safety of your home!

We work hard to continue providing you with high-quality workmanship on your vehicles while keeping you and our employees safe during this unprecedented time. We continue to be committed to giving you the best customer service experience possible, including contact-free drop off and pick-up.

Feel free to call your local ECR with questions about our remote estimator tool or other questions you may have regarding how we are working to care for you during this difficult time. For more information on COVID-related guidelines, view this blog post.