We can’t help the things that happen to our cars sometimes and ugly dents, dings and other damage all detract from our car’s appearance. Restoring its good looks may not require a lengthy, expensive visit to an auto body shop though and paintless dent removal may be the option you’ve been looking for. Whether you have hail damage or a single football-sized indent, as long as the paint isn’t chipped or cracked, paintless dent repair (PDR) may be the right way for you to save money and time. 

What Is Paintless Dent Repair Work?

With PDR, the goal is to push the indented metal back into shape while preserving the factory paint. The key to determining whether this option will work is through an in-depth inspection process. 


A technician will determine the best way to access the damaged area either through a window opening or by removing trim pieces or inner panels. Then the technician will start at the dent’s outer edge and massage the metal back into position. The damaged area gets progressively smaller until it virtually disappears.


It isn’t feasible to use this repair method in certain circumstances though, and an inspection will help determine the best course of option. Here are potential dings that may not be so easily fixed with paintless dent removal. 


  • The dent has sharp edges or torn metal.
  • The paint inside a dent is broken or scratched.
  • The indented metal is situated near the edge of a panel.
  • The dented area has had previous bodywork done.

Advantages Of Paintless Dent Repair

Erasing damage from a car without performing in-depth bodywork takes skill and precision, so it’s vital to choose a reputable, experienced auto body shop for the job. When it’s done correctly, choosing PDR can bring you some impressive benefits. These range from cost savings to reducing color-matching concerns:


  • Significant cost savings. Since there’s no need for body filler, sanding, and repainting, PDR can cost considerably less than traditional bodywork.
  • Greater convenience. Depending on the amount of damage, paintless dent repair can be completed in just a few hours.
  • Vehicle value retention. Cars that have an intact original paint job are usually worth more when the time comes to sell.
  • No color-matching concerns. Since there’s no painting required, you’re not at risk of an inaccurate color match.

If you have dings and dent damage on your car and you’re looking for PDR to help remedy the issues, contact European Collision Repair to help with an inspection and quote. You might be surprised at the cost savings and benefits of going with a reputable shop.