Anyone who has ever sat behind the wheel of one of these high performance, luxury vehicles knows Porsche consistently delivers a smooth ride with exceptional handling, dynamite acceleration, and excellent braking power. Let’s keep things that way with these Porsche maintenance tips.

You probably purchased your Porsche not only for it’s performance, but in large part for its unrivaled quality. But it’s still a machine. Keep the quality high by following these easy tips of regular, everyday maintenance on your Porsche.

Maintain the Tires

Check your tires on a regular basis for not only air pressure but tread. Proper inflation of the tires (as noted by the vehicle manufacturer, not the number on the tire itself) and sufficient tread contribute to fuel efficiency as well as handling, road grip and reduces the likelihood of a blowout. The last thing you want is your Porsche sitting on the side of the road with a blown tire.

Maintain the Oil Level

European luxury cars with lots of horsepower and high-performance engines may use oil faster than a regular car. Because of this, it’s important to keep an eye on the oil level. Daily checking of the oil before you head out in the morning is a great habit to get into. If the level is a little low, just top it off. Get regular oil changes to keep the oil clean so it can continue efficiently running your Porsche’s engine.

Listen to Your Porsche

You know you love the roar of the engine. Listen and learn it well. If your engine starts to sound different, get it checked out by a mechanic trained and certified in Porsche repairs. The same holds true if a dashboard light such as the check engine light comes on. The sensors on your vehicle can let you know something’s amiss before it goes totally sideways. The cost of proactively listening to and repairing minor things on your Porsche is significantly less than, say, replacing the engine or transmission.

Maintain the Body

Everything is running great under the hood of your Porsche. But what if you find your Porsche with nicks, chips, scratches, dents or in a wreck? No matter how big or small, European Collision Repair is the right place to repair bodywork. Porsche-certified technicians will keep your car safe and beautiful for years to come. Call to schedule an appointment or use our online or phone feature to start your free estimate now.