Tesla Charging Stations Near You at European Car Repair

Tesla is a lot like Cross-fit. Anyone who has one just can’t help but tell you all about it! Fair enough. The all-electric luxury cars are on the bleeding edge of technology. And the joy of being able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds… with a car that just plugs into a standard wall outlet?

Well, that is something special.

Perhaps one of the features you might hear most discussed by proud Tesla owners is the “refuel” experience. Instead of swiping $50 or more at a noxious gas station, Tesla owners can recharge their electric vehicles at home with a standard wall outlet, at work, at their final destination, or on the road at Supercharger locations.
Where Is a Tesla Charging Station Near Me?
Tesla currently has 1,636 Supercharger stations with 14,497 Superchargers. European Car Repair is proud to host a Supercharger station at each of its four locations:

● Tesla Supercharger Station in Jonesboro, GA
● Tesla Supercharger Station in Sandy Springs, GA
● Tesla Supercharger Station in Antioch, TN
● Tesla Supercharger Station in Nashville, TN

Find a Tesla Charging station near you at European Car Repair.
How Long Does It Take to Charge My Tesla?
Charging time varies depending on which Tesla model you’re driving. A full charge can take up to 75 minutes or so. However, you almost never need a full charge at a Supercharger station! Tesla recommends you get your full charge overnight at home or at your destination.

A 50 percent charge, which will carry most drivers on to the next Supercharger station or their final destination, can be done in just 20 minutes. The Tesla app will notify you when you’ve recharged enough to continue on your trip. As the network of Tesla Supercharger stations grows, finding a Tesla charging station on your route and completing a trip with shorter stops is easier than ever.
How Much Do Tesla Supercharger Stations Cost?
You can explore charging costs through an interactive tool on Tesla’s Supercharger page. The drive from Clarksville, TN, to Atlanta, GA, for example (approximately 300 miles), would cost about $23 for a Model S at a Supercharger station. Compare that to $41 in gasoline costs! (Keep in mind, your actual costs may be lower, as you would likely start your trip with a full charge from home and end by charging at your destination.)

Supercharger costs may vary depending on the location of the Supercharging station, vehicle configuration, the age and condition of the battery, and other factors. The same 300 miles, for instance, would cost about $3 more on a Model X and $3 less on a Model 3.
How Can I Plan My Tesla Trip?
In the early years of electric vehicles, determining a route with your Tesla may have required a little advanced planning to ensure you didn’t get stranded with a dead battery! These days, Tesla Supercharger stations are everywhere. Almost.

You can use Tesla’s Trip Planner to figure out exactly where you need to stop based on your Tesla model’s range. Tesla will even tell you how long you should expect your recharge to take.
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You can find a Tesla Charging station near you in Nashville and Antioch (TN) and Sandy Springs and Jonesboro (GA) at European Car Repair. Come visit us!