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Is there anything worse than walking out of the grocery store to see an ugly ding the size of a half-dollar right in the middle of your driver’s door? Or, have you ever left your car parked outside when a hail storm came out of nowhere, giving your vehicle a completely new and textured look?

Dings and dents are a part of owning a car. Fortunately, they may be easier to remove than you might suspect – thanks to a technique called “paintless dent removal.”

What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent removal is a process by which autobody repair specialists at European Collision Repair restore damage done to a panel without the need for sanding, filling, or painting the panel. Instead, technicians use special hooked tools to go behind the panel and massage the dent out.
The metal in today’s car panels have “shape-memory.” This material is known as shape memory metal or shape memory alloy. With proper treatment, this type of metal can oftentimes be restored to its original position.

The benefit in using paintless dent removal is that you don’t have to replace a panel or repaint the surface, which may or may not result in a perfect paint match. Also, the process of paintless dent removal does not void the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Where Can I Get Paintless Dent Repair Done?

All four European Collision Repair locations (Jonesboro and Sandy Springs, GA; Antioch and Nashville, TN) offer paintless dent repair services. Small dents may be repaired in as little as an hour; larger dents could take several hours. If you need hail dents repaired, the process could take several days depending on the extent of the damage.
All of our locations have Gold Class I-Cuar certification, which indicates that our technicians consistently meet the industry standards for safe repairs. Why drive around with dents and dings when you can get them repaired quickly and affordably without voiding your car manufacturer warranty or having to match paints and finishes?

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