Winter weather can cause huge issues when it comes to your car maintenance. You might wonder how to prevent winter weather damage. You also might wonder how to maintain your car to keep it clean and damage-free during the winter months. 

We have you covered. 

Here’s a quick guide on maintaining your car during the winter months and preventing excess damage.


Drive to Avoid Salt

One of the most damaging elements in your winter driving is road salt. Road salt is used to break the ice and improve traction for cars. It’s a common practice that helps prevent weather-related accidents. While it helps stop accidents, salt is corrosive and will eat away at your car’s exterior. Road salt gathers in puddles so avoiding them will go a long way to help keep salt exposure low. Try not to follow snowplows too. They’ll kick up road salt and the effect from the salt hitting your car can leave lasting damage.

Keep Your Tires Clean

Road salt can collect in tire treads. As your tires rotate, this salt can fling off and collect in your undercarriage causing corrosion. Be extra diligent during the winter months to prevent as much damage as possible.

Wash Your Car Regularly 

This one might sound obvious. But cleaning your car regularly will help get road salt off and keep your paint free of any debris that could damage the paint. The best way to clean your car during the winter months is to take it to a car wash. By taking your car to the wash regularly, you keep your paint safe. What’s great about taking your car to a wash is that you’ll avoid the cold weather you’d experience if you washed your car on your own.  Be sure to pick a warm sunny day so you don’t drive home in weather and risk ice forming on your car.  Opt for an undercarriage wash to clear away all the road salt and prevent rusting.

Wax Before the Weather Hits

A proper wax protects your car from damage in all seasons but works well during the winter months. Wax coats your car with a protective film that prevents debris, road salt, and water from pooling on parts of your paint. It also looks amazing and leaves your car paint with a luster that’ll make it look new. The key to a good wax is to either have a car wash do it, or apply an even coat across all your exterior facing body panels. Sealing your undercarriage with wax will help prevent rust damage underneath your car as well.

Cover Your Car Up

While a garage is the best defense for your car during the winter months, not everyone has access to one. In this case, it’s helpful to use a car cover during the winter when parking outside. Using a cover will prevent snow, ice, and other debris from forming on the paint for your car. The cover will also prevent any salt from landing on your car.  Using a cover is a great way to minimize icing on your door handles and exterior door key for easier entry.  That said, winter weather is harsh, but it doesn’t have to cause extensive damage to your car. Taking the steps outlined in this guide will go a long way to keeping your car clean, and preventing winter weather damage. 


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